My Journey on Cutting The Cord



Kodi is the evolution of XBMC (Xbox media center), which is a media center app comparable to Plex. However there are a lot of plugins for Kodi that allow for the streaming of movies and live TV for free. Which a good portion of is not legal.


Not that I would ever think of doing anything illegal like this, I am going to ask some questions for a friend.

What all can be watched with Kodi installed? Are we talking everything? How hard is it to set up the vpn or whatever it’s called? How often do you have to update things? You guys are computer guys and my friend is not. Is this something anybody can figure out? What are the chances of getting busted? I hooked up the Fire TV this morning and like what I see. The Firestick for the bedroom is coming today. I am going to cut the cord soon. The idea of “extra channels” is interesting. There are a few things I would like to watch that don’t come on the basic Vue package I am going with. Just not sure what all is out there to watch.


This might help your friend, “complete Kodi guide for idiots” :joy:

Seriously, it’s very easy to install Kodi itself. The “tough” part is finding a build you like. There are a lot of builds out there, and the guy in the video I linked has a lot of videos that show different builds, and he walks you through how to install.

You can literally watch “anything” you want. I say that loosely because you’re relying on open source streaming of every thing you try and watch, so sometimes I’m unable to find streams of certain shows. Typically it’s not the “popular” shows I have trouble with, and usually if I can’t find it in one repo, I can find it in another. Updating isn’t an issue, as most builds are set to auto update when kodi loads. Usually when I start Kodi, I let it load and sit for 3-5 min, as that gives ample time for an updates that are available.

There are also “m3u” files that you can link Kodi to, which will give you live tv, but I have honestly had nothing but trouble with it, and the streams are shit quality.

VPN is easy to install also. I went with IPVanish, I found a 20% of 6 month deal somewhere on the web a few months ago. I honestly don’t use it every time I use Kodi, mainly cause I forget. Idk the odds of getting busted, but I bet you’ll find you don’t use it as much as you think you will, which will essentially cut down on “red flags”.


Thanks. Lots of good info. Looking at ipvanish. Is this something that I install to my fire devices or straight to the router? You talk about not using it all the time. How do you turn it off and on? Why would I want to turn it off at all? Seems like it would be a good idea to run all the time for everything. Big brother can’t watch me. I like the idea of that.


You install right on the fire tv as an app. Then turn it on when watching KODI. Its not good to leave it on all the time as it put a crimp on your bandwidth. Also Netflix and i believe Amazon does or will in the future block you if you are on VPN.


That brings up another question. I installed the Fire TV this morning but could not figure out how to turn it off. If I leave it on, is it using my bandwidth? In other words, what do I need to do after watching tv to make sure we are not wasting bandwidth?


exit the app (hit home on the fire remote). make sure you don’t leave PSvue running. Although it will stop after awhile automatically. you can also set the fire tv to go into standby after a certain amount of time as well.


So as long as I hit home, all is good? Now teaching the wife and kids to be sure to do this could be a problem. Hell, teaching them how to turn off a light is hard enough.


Grex is right about Amazon and Netflix. They won’t work correctly due to “geographical issues”. This is why I don’t use it as much. When you open IPVanish, and I’m sure other VPN’s, there is a " connect" and “disconnect” option. Easy peasy.

As far as making sure your Firestick is off, I usually just hit home on the remote and that be the end of it. Idk if that solves the issue you’re asking about, but good enough for me. You could always unplug power when not in use.


Sounds good. I just don’t want to waste bandwidth since I have a data cap.


One last question for the day. Anybody used Kodi to run old retro roms? Found an article talking about an add-on app in Kodi that allows you to go and run any older game out there. Just wondering.


I haven’t heard anything like that, sorry


Here is the article I found.


Hooked up the Fire TV and downloaded PS Vue. Should have read things a little better. I saw that the Vue offered ABC, NBC, CBS and FOx. Didn’t see that it was Demand and not live. May be a deal breaker since the antenna I bought doesn’t get all of those. Wife hasn’t come home yet to approve yet. That and I can’t get my buddies to add me on their cable accounts because our cable company is not on the list of those that you can use to add apps"


yeah they only offer live in specific areas. your going to see that with a lot of the streaming apps. damn black out contracts. that and they need a lot of people in a specific area to make it worth it as the channels show different things in different markets where as cable stations are the same throughout the country.


Going to mess around with Kodi this weekend. If I try it and screw things up, is it easy enough to erase and start over or erase and forget about it?


As easy as deleting an app of your phone. There’s nothing to it, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times myself.


Well that was easy enough. I installed ipvanish to my fire tv. Then added Kodi and then exodus. Seems to be working fine now. Waiting on wife to see if she can handle switching between the antenna and the ps Vue. I’m happy. Hope she is. The whole kodi thing should be fun to mess around with but I’m going to stick with Vue for now. Even had a buddy share his Direct tv account with me so I can download all those apps to watch also.


Forgot to ask, what other add-ones should I check out besides Exodus?


Exodus is supposedly on a decline. It was recently announced that the devs will no longer support it. Idk any time frame, and have been and will keep using it. I also use Specto-Fork, Bob Unrestricted, SALTS, Metalliq, and 123Movies. Specto is my most used, even more than exodus.