My Journey on Cutting The Cord



I haven’t looked into Vue as I’m not a filthy traitor


I understand it’s my ticket out of here.


What are you cord cutters using as a dvr? I want to cut the cord but wife likes recording her shows. Other than that, im ready to cut.


PS Vue has a DVR function. you can keep stuff for 30 days. plus its a bit gimped due to each channel can have specific rules around allowing fast forward or rewind.


So I would need a PS4 to run this as well as the service? Then I could run a FireStick on other televisions in the house? Can I pick up the Vue subscription on the Firesticks on the other televisions? Or would I need something like Sling for the other televisions?


no, you do not need a playstation to use Vue. They support android, Roku and Amazon Fire (tv and Stick). you can also use their website as well on desktop. only need 1 account for all devices but i think you are limited to watching on only two devices at one time.

you also have the ability to setup profiles. so you can have your shows and she has hers.


So would only need a PlayStation if she wants to record? If that’s the case, may give me an excuse to pick one up. The boys have been wanting one. Thanks, I may just give this a try.


no you don’t need a PlayStation for anything. you of course can tell her that. I dont own one at all.


But she wants a dvr to record her shows. I thought I needed a PS to do the recording?


nope. the dvr in psvue is cloud based


Awesome. So a few Firesticks and I am in business. Why in the world have I not done this yet? Looking at the Vue, the $35 plan should work. Not sure how much unlimited internet is going to cost me yet but should save me at least $100 or more a month. I am currently using Xfinity/Comcast for internet, cable and home phone. I haven’t used the home phone in two years. I have been renting a modem, dvr box and 4 tv boxes from them. Good grief what a waste.


Yep, buy a cable modem, it’ll save you a few bucks a month and cable modems are around $80. In less than a year, it’ll pay for itself.


Vue will let you have 5 devices stream simultaneously.

I have 2 issues holding me back. The stream is 720p, how does that look? And the audio is stereo only. I’d like to have surround sound.


yeah. Honestly the stream looks good to me. Not having native 5.1 surround is a bummer but my receiver does a good job simulating it.


Opened cable bill this morning and it jumped another $20. Since Christmas, almost $45. I’m done with them. Just ordered an antenna and a Fire Stick. Noticed that the Fire Stick will not be delivered until March 7. Can get the Fire TV a little quicker. Just wondering what the differences are besides cost?


The fire TV has better hardware and can do 4k which I think the stick cannot. The performance is definitely better on the fire TV. I do have both.


Thanks. I will go ahead and order one for the main tv and stick the stick in the bedroom. Remind me, are there dvr options in the Fire TV and or PS Vue?


PS Vue has 30 day cloud dvr. Fire TV you have to use a third party app and hardware like homerun HD. If you want to dvr the antenna.


Thank you.


Can someone explain what Kodi is and why I need it?