My Journey on Cutting The Cord



Great post. Thanks for all the information much appreciated. All good information


Got a notice the other day fron PS Vue. They have abruptly cut all the Viacom channels from their lineup. Viacom owns Nickelodeon which is a big one for my kids so I might be switching to Sling.

Also it looks like there is going to be more competition within the streaming market soon with Hulu and others getting into the mix.

There is some speculation as to why the channels got dropped here.


What build of Kodi did you go with? Got my fire stick. Going to set it up with Kodi and Private Internet Access VPN.


Seems to be a popular build. Also has good support for updates and a Facebook group that is active for support as well.


Kodi is awesome - I’m using it on my laptop.


Has anyone tried a DVR software with a TV Tuner card on PC? I’m probably cutting the cord to remove an unnecessary expense to get a newer truck, but I need to build a DVR for our local channels.


I have been looking into grabbing the HDhomerun which works with Plex DVR. With the lifetime Plex pass sub I get guide updates. Most places charge a small service fee to get the guide updates.


I’m glad this post was refreshed, as I’ve been meaning to post my fun of late. So Idk what all we had with Dish, but our bill was $130/month. I watched ESPN and football primarily, with random shit mixed in to pass time. My 1 year old lives for Nick Jr so that’s all he watches, but no one else really watches TV in the house. YouTube kids on iPad and they’re set. I guess what’s her face watches some Food network and hgtv, that’s about it.

Anyways I start looking into Sling, and go with their $20 package, with a $5 kid add on. Perfect. Got 2 Firesticks to run it on. I also installed Kodi with IPVanish VPN to keep my business, my business.

Everything was good initially, took me a few days to get things situated, and after a few times of trying to watch ESPN on Sling, I raged. It never ran more than 15 or so min without any stream issues. It was the only GD channel that did it, and I hated it. Now that I’m comfortable with Kodi, I decided to say fuck Sling, and just watch live tv streams thru Kodi. Yes some of the streams have issues, but it’s free as opposed to $25/month. I also started looking for an deal on an HDTV antenna to get reliable local channels, and ended up finding a 40 mi for $18 open box at best buy. I really only get the majors, but they are crystal clear 1080, and with fooseball ending soon (All Hail Rodgers) I don’t think we’ll watch much live tv, but it’s nice for cheap.

This was more of a ramble than I expected, but without doing math and shit, within a few months all this will pay itself off. Plus it’s been fun tinkering with. That being said, if anyone is interested in basic Kodi help, I’ve done a shit ton of research and hands on, so I might be able to help get you started.

So long, losers


What build of KODI are you running. I am running the FireTV Guru build. they just released an updated build for KODI v1.7. Runs really nice.


I have installed and uninstalled about 5 different builds, fire TV guru being one of them. I just couldn’t find one to satisfy me, so I just installed a handful of add ons to the base Confluence build. Most builds have the same shit as the next build, but of course some have extra this or that. Most of them have bloatware add ons that you’ll probably never use.

I even tried running the TV tuner thru Kodi, but ended up being annoyed with 900+ channels to sift through to find a shit stream.

Btw I’ve been watching ASBYT on YouTube, he’s pretty knowledgeable and explains things well. I would link but I’m lazy. :blush:(Added link cause I rock)

Edited to add: I should’ve mentioned that my ISP gives me about 150/25 max speeds, with about 75/25 at peak times, so most of the time I have zero issues. We were on some sort of data cap plan months ago, and my wife worked her magic and got us unlimited data so no worries there.


Yeah, they all really have the same popular add-ons. I like the fire TV one because of the support group and it has everything I need.

What are you getting for speeds on VPN? I am using Private Internet Access and am getting around 75% of my max but have noticed the streams behave better when in KODI. I think its because my ISP is throttling me when not on VPN cause they can see.


Grex even gives incorrect help to SJAM only.

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Party foul on my joke…it’s my only job here.


Question: will these work on the original fire TV stick, or do I need to get a new one?


should work fine.


Ok, I think I’m going to test some of this out this week to see what it’s like, and order an antenna to put up over the weekend.


You all are really making me think about this. It would not be me with the issue but the sports nut in my house and I agree ALL HAIL RODGERS!! I would not dream of touching anything during football season or hockey or baseball or… it would all come down to that. I guess I need to see which events we get from local stations, we are closer to a metro area now may be the ticket. If they black out something someone in my house would lose his mind. Thanks for the information.


If you are closer to a metro area, you may be able to pull OTA signals. has a good chart that allows you to map your addy and see what you can get for free. The OTA signals are great mainly cause the cable company doesn’t compress the shit out of it and the signal is clean.


The PSVue or Sling TV really seem like something that would really work for me. Can you DVR shows? Or watch on demand?

I’m also assuming shows come in HD.


I might really have to look into the Vue as I think that has all the channels I need. Damn thing is I still need Disney for my youngest. He watches some shows on that.

I need to see what my FIOS bill would be without any cable (and dvr fees). What devices work with this? I’m pretty sure I can install a Vue app on my living room TV, I can run it on my XBox, I just have to see if I can run it on a firestick for the upstairs.