My Journey on Cutting The Cord



I have Vue but on Apple devices no issues with FFWD but I have noticed certain shows being unavailable despite being on local channels included getting annoying. Anyone else having these issues. I keep updating location but no longer a fix.


Some channels don’t do FFWD regardless. Mainly cause they like to ad revenue. ABC is horrible for this.


I also pay for Hulu commercial free so that is my DVR for ABC and NBC shows.


Amazon Fire TV deals for Black Friday.


When my fire TV shits the bed I am Roku bound I think since the only service I want YoutubeTV isnt offered on Amazon products


You can still get YouTube on fire products. It’s not a dedicated app like it was, but it’s not difficult to get stuff there.


Yeah to bad they tied a lot of Google products to a need for the Google play store being on the device as well. Makes side loading a bitch


Now that football season is over I am going to remove the sports package. Was looking at adding the movie channels and the Vue pricing is weird.

Ultra Includes HBO, Showtime, and Epix hits for $80

But if I stay at Core (49.99) I can add HBO/Cinemax for $20 and Showtime and Epix Hits for $11.50 so basically adding Cinemax for $1.50.

Don’t really care about the other channels added in Core vs Elite/Ultra.


yeah does not seem like much of deal. i guess you can spread it over if you found value in the other channels.


Looks like Youtube TV will finally start rolling out nationwide.