My Journey on Cutting The Cord

Yeah to bad they tied a lot of Google products to a need for the Google play store being on the device as well. Makes side loading a bitch

Now that football season is over I am going to remove the sports package. Was looking at adding the movie channels and the Vue pricing is weird.

Ultra Includes HBO, Showtime, and Epix hits for $80

But if I stay at Core (49.99) I can add HBO/Cinemax for $20 and Showtime and Epix Hits for $11.50 so basically adding Cinemax for $1.50.

Don’t really care about the other channels added in Core vs Elite/Ultra.

yeah does not seem like much of deal. i guess you can spread it over if you found value in the other channels.

Looks like Youtube TV will finally start rolling out nationwide.

Recently cut off my Playstation Vue account and went to Vontronix. Anybody looking to cut the cord, check them out. I really don’t know how they are getting away with what they are offering. Guy I teach with has had it for 3 months and so far so good. I did the 24 hour free trial and was blown away with all they offer. No contract. Basically $30 a month for 2 televisions at a time for more channels than you can ever watch. Pay per view, porn, you name it.

Good find. All these IPTV services use the same damn UI which is pretty basic. I guess it all comes down to service level.

Also i am with you. not sure how they are doing this legally.

The folders take a little getting use to. My wife just started hitting favorites and it sticks her channels into the favorites folder. There is just so much to look at it is overwhelming. 99% of everything I have clicked has worked. I like the 24/7 channels. 24 hours a day of Andy Griffith.

Is this like Kodi (XBMC)? Is it legal? How are you getting premiums for 30 bucks?

This is a normal streaming service (best I can tell). Nothing to jail break. I have done the whole Kodi thing and tried to keep up with all the new addons and crap not working. I quit trying about a year ago. This seems legit. I don’t have to download anything to make it work. It updates itself daily. No new addons to try. Download one app and you are good. I highly recommend doing the free 24 hours and just checking it out. No credit card needed. Just your email address. I’m like you, How is this possible? No idea. Worse case scenario, they get shut down and I go back to Playstation Vue.

IPTV is a bit of a different animal. Its just an app that is grabbing video sources. There are quite a few out there and they range from 5/mth up to 30/mth. Best i can tell the price depends on quality of streams and reliability that they are always up.

As far as legality goes. Not to sure, think they are fitting into some gray area right now that may get closed up.

Sort of what I figured. I’m going with it until they shut it down. Picture is perfect, wife is happy. All is good at my house right now and I am saving money.

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Thanks for the information

I use IPTV and have a decent amount of info on it. If anybody has any questions I am always glad to help out.

Well this is kind of unexpected and a bummer for me.

yes switched away after the notification and we had gotten some bad buffering anyway for a bit.

Still enjoying Vontronix.

So i flipped over to YouTube TV. it was that or Hulu. both are basically the same in terms of channels and features. YouTube was $5/month cheaper.

So comparing to VUE. VUE > YT TV. The UI was better in VUE. but i will get used to it. Its not bad. you just have to remember to click over to “your Library” to see your recorded shows and stuff. Guide for live is ok. But no real way to look at a particular channels shows. Also the Ads are terrible, there are a lot. You can skip if watching the DVR version of the show.


Well it was nice while it lasted but will be dumping YT TV due to this massive price hike. Dont think i will be replacing it with anything just yet.

Yes just got the notice as well of the pending increase

In case you are looking for an alternative.