MW 2 3rd Person Zoom Changes

Modern Warfare 2 brought a fully realized third-person mode for beta players to try, and Infinity Ward have revealed the major changes they’re bringing ahead of launch.

Modern Warfare 2 draws ever closer, with players able to jump into the globe-trotting campaign on October 20 — over a week ahead of its October 28 launch. Infinity Ward are bringing plenty of new modes with Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, such as Destiny-style Raids and the highly anticipated DMZ.

While these modes arrive post-launch, the third-person mode will be playable straight away on October 28. After its positive reception in the beta, the devs have revealed a couple of the changes they’ve made ahead of launch.

As shown in an Instagram post giving some top tips for the third-person mode, Call of Duty revealed that “only scopes over 4x will activate first person ADS.

In Modern Warfare 2‘s beta, no matter which optic you used, aiming down the sight would bring up the first-person mode. This meant that the only way to fight in the third person would be to hip-fire, which is a major change from most third-person games that players are familiar with.

Now, however, you’ll be aiming in third-person mode unless you use a scope with a magnification of 4x or over.

It also looks like they’re increasing the third-person FOV slider all the way up to 120. The highest players could crank the slider in the beta was 90, but the Instagram post says to “slide all the way to 120 and max out your FOV.” This will allow players to see much more of what’s around them.

The devs also confirmed they’re looking to improve footstep audio balance, visibility, and lobby dispanding for launch.