Munchies - Funny cooking show

Just came across this on YouTube. Rapper Action Bronson guest stars on a food show on YT & VICE. It is funny as hell. First episode I watched…

Warning: Language and da pots


Nice. Bronson is a pretty funny dude. Pretty dope music. At least it was. Haven’t heard much of his new stuff. I wonder if he recovered after getting shut down for dissing Ghostface?

Yea he makes me laugh out loud.

Smells bread “ahh smells like a brand new asshole”

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I like how they prepped these wings. Easy to eat…

Yup. That line was legit. Made me chuckle.

Pretty funny

Is it just me or does he make you think of digital?

Munchies is good shit. I love all their shows. Chef’s Night Out is a good one too.

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Matty Matheson is hilarious as all hell too. He’s Canadian too.

I am going to make that fried chicken tomorrow. Looks good as fuck.

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Love his measurements… “it’s like 5 key bumps”

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Chep Steps has good videos, but more technical.

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I’m dying…

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This is my favorite guy to watch. His humor is cheesy as hell, and his odd cadence will sound weird at first, but it grows on you. He’s been around forever and his recipes are easily replicatable.

This isn’t my favorite channel by any means… in fact I think I’ve watched 3 vids of theirs. They feature Alton Brown who I think is the man, but he doesn’t do any cooking on it, he does more tasting local foods… kind like Guy Fieri.

But this is by far the best potato recipe I’ve ever used. Do yourself a favor and use it. Add a little paprika for pinch of heat and color too. Is wonderful.

Bronson has a book coming out…

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He has a song in Madden 18. It’s good. His beats are great.

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This is probably my favorite track of his. The Dean Martin samples are on point and the beat is sick.

Huh… reminds me of another thread around here somewhere…

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