Movies & TV Trailer Thread: Part Deux

dont ask @Lala_Calamari he hates everything… these SW movies are fine…not awesome like avengers but fine

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I worry about you sometimes. Aim for better. The last 2 Star Wars (newest trilogy) movies were trainwrecks and that’s coming from a guy who is a HUGE Star Wars fan.

Hell, the prequels were better than the garbage they released now.

FYI, Rogue One was meh. Only reason it was seen as good was because it wasn’t a shit show like the new trilogy. The Vader scene at the end saved it. Solo doesn’t count because Harrison Ford is the only Han Solo.

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I like all the Star Wars films.
Some a bit more than others but they haven’t fucked the franchise for me (yet) so I’ll keep going.

One of my biggest issues is the cast and characters. There is no chemistry at all between the characters. And most can’t act, they probably could replace them all with wooden planks (with CGI arms) and no one would be the wiser. Seriously, go watch Han, Luke, Leia, Chewy and the droids interact with each other then watch Rey, Fin, Poe, the fake R2d2. It’s just rough and boring.

My other issue is we have no fucking clue what the story is. We all thought Snoke was going to be the big bad but the 2nd movie proved that otherwise.

Meh, I’m old and crotchety. Get off my Lawn.

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Old man yells again!

Some reviews are in as well and its looking good. Spoiler Free


The duo have been in high demand since completing Game of Thrones , which swept the Emmy Awards this year with 12 wins, including best drama, but received a divided response from critics and fans.

I don’t understand this at all. How can they be in high demand? They fucked up GoT (I’m still bitter) and they would of fucked up Star Wars even more than it’s already fucked up.

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Final Season - this has been a good show. only 4 seasons though.

I need to catch up. I’m not sure if I did season 2 or not.

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I c an’t find the trailer by it’s self, so just watch the beginning of this video.

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Saw Jumanji this weekend. Good fun movie. I thought that the rock and Kevin hart did a great job playing their characters and have great chemistry on screen. Fun movie franchise and hope they do more.

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Two Days.