Movies & TV Trailer Thread: Part Deux



Closed previous thread with over 1k posts. Starting anew.

With Scorsese and this cast the bar is set real high. Please show me more.

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Something Mrs KFK is watching:

Shes taking notes

Im afraid


Finally, a superhero movie I want to see.





I’ve been watching “One Strange Rock” on Netflix. Multipart series where astronauts talk about Earth and being in space and such. It’s visually amazing. Worth checking out if you like that kinda stuff. If not, fuck off.

Good day



Is this show any good? I can’t remember where I left off, I know I watched the 1st season.


it has my stamp of approval. that should be all you need.


Ok, this looks pretty fucked up. Looking forward to this one.


Straight to video release.




my nipples are hard


The most intense documentary I’ve ever watched. Several times i had to look away from the tv.


I highly recommend Free Solo. Almost hurt to watch it.