Monster Hunter Rise is officially out!


Hey my fellow Hunters today is a great day now that Monster Hunter Rise has officially dropped. I’m whole hearted ready to dive into this and want anyone thats wants to, to tag along and rip these monsters apart. I will be on tonight as well as the weekend most likely so if you wanna party up and play let me know here or tag me on discord. I have no idea how the party chat works on switch and if it’s still convoluted as fuck so we can just use discord instead. Hope to see you our there!

My daughter and I were waiting around Thursday night from 7 pm Pacific. We set up TVs and Switches side by side so we could play together.

When it didn’t unlock at 9 pm, we were disappointed. We decided to stick it out and see if Midnight was the magic hour.

It did unlock at Midnight, and we played for three and a half hours. I was dead tired on Friday, but we both took the day off. We played quite a bit on Friday, and now I’m playing in between watching MotoGP and F1.

I’m not trying to beeline, and I want to build all the armor for myself, my cat, and my dog. Then kill each monster with the armor and weapon I craft from their hides.

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Lol your a monster! Those innocent wild animals don’t deserve that. But that’s awesome I’ve only gotten a couple hours so far, been busy as hell or to tired to play unfortunately. I’ll make my way through it though