Monday Night Halo or Rocket League Practice?

Anyone want to play some Halo tonight? Or is everyone practicing for the upcoming Rocket League Tournament? Teams have been picked.

makes me so bitter to see so many people playing RL now. #jealous

We don’t need practice on our team…mainly because we have Dig.

Either one for me. I will start out in RL but wouldn’t have a problem jumping over to Halo.

I’m up for both also. Burned a sick day tonight so I’ll be around.

For people without RL I will be on Halo.

@lala_calamari @beers_and_leafs y’all wanna play a few games of RL tonight? Figured we can play “regularly scheduled programming” first then hook up and soccer ball Stomp some fools after.

I will play with some oversized balls tonight, but I’ll play Rocket League first before I treat my wife.

If I’m not on just send me a message.

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Hopefully Xbox live straightens out or I won’t be on tonight. I’ve been trying to get on for couples hours now with no luck. Murphy’s law I guess.

Same with me. Live would not let me get on last night. thought it was my internnet as its been flaky lately.

I will be on to practice tonight if anyone wants to join me. Especially my teammates. Vikes.