Minibrew system

This looks very cool but man $1200 ( €999) US is steep.

All in one brew system you can control with an app. Set things like Alcohol content, color and flavor. Also provides status of the brew process. You can then save your recipes.

They send you the ingredients as well.

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That’s similar to the Picobrew. Those are a little less in price. I haven’t tried anything like that. I used to do the 5 gallon batches on a turkey fryer. Ferment in the 5 gallon Carboys. Then I got lazy and stopped.

I may have to slide one of these into my appliance budget for the house.

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Save your money. Spend it on beer someone else made. Or, get real and actually brew.


How much is a Picobrew?

A real bargain at 800. Too rich for my blood.