Minecraft Realms server


So I got a minecraft realms server if anyone wants to join by all means please do just dont be a prick with other peoples stuff realms.gg/A1XRREXDar0 is the server info. Anyone from any device can join


Nice. I think we have a few Minecraft players. I’ve never played at all, of course my kids have.


It’s been quite a while since I have and used to enjoy it so I thought I’d start a server up for the group to enjoy. I’ll keep it going for as long as anyone wants to play on it


Nice. I play with my kids from time to time so may jump on with them.


Sweet, it’s always fun seeing how things change from each time signing in


I haven’t played vanilla in at least two years. The splash screen shows dolphins, coral, and shit. I’m probably going to end up drowning.


They have jobs called drowned ones now so possible


It’s a shame they have this game cross platform but we don’t have Discord on consoles yet. WTF? Sony and Microsoft???

I truly expected MS to have purchased Discord by now.


I blame Sony completely


Cannot disagree.
They took long enough to cave to cross-platform play and that’s moving glacially.


I own this on PC and Xbox 360 (at least), so I’ll see if I can join from either of those.

I haven’t played MC at all in probably as long. No idea what’s in there these days.


Your PC port should work but I dont think the 360 one will since it’s an older generation and had limits


So in the couple days I’ve played I’ve encountered flying things that kicked my ass till I realized where the damage I was getting was coming from. Also stumbled upon a skeleton horse who was promptly struck by lightning and turned into 4 skeleton horses ridden by skeletons shooting me.


I should try this out as a Minecraft noobie. I’ll build a basic box.


Pretty much what my little house is, a small wood box


After the fire of 2010 I now solely build houses of dirt, brick or stone.

So much time lost…


Like I said it’s real small I wouldn’t lose but maybe 5 minutes of building time and chests dont burn so everything else I have will be fine