Midichlorian Monday - Star Wars Battlefront 1/15

GRG will be hosting another Midichlorian Monday Star Wars Battlefront 2 night this Monday @ 9PM EST. We’re looking for a moltey crew of scruffy haired nerf herders to kick some ass on the Battlefront. We’ll mostly be playing Galactic Assault.


Lala Calamari will be hosting the event and kicking off a party. Join right in and we’ll get you in the game!

Originally published at: https://grimreapergamers.com/pec-events/midichlorian-monday-star-wars-battlefront-1-8/

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Are you in?

I need people signing up! @DirtyD125 where are you?

I’ll be on tonight by 8:30 central at the latest.

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signs vigorously
I’m guessing the festivities will begin @9pm EST?

GRG Reading Comprehension FTW!

EA should have been smarter and had a loot box unlock to get rid of Jar Jar. They would have made a fortune.

A tough one for @CaptainPeeJ He enjoys his Battlefront action but that would mean playing with Lala.

Same thing with @Bigfish Always shunned by Lala what ever will he do?

I played some SW yesterday. I might might be down for a few games tonight.

But with Lala?

Oh wait, Lala is playing? F that.

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Troof, I’d play as well…

So what time are we getting together?

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I’m in