Microsoft is Planning a Second Next-Gen Console Which Will be All-Digital

Microsoft is reportedly working on a second, more affordable model of next-gen console that will launch alongside Project Scarlett. The console codenamed “Lockhart” will also not feature a disc drive much like the Xbox One S Digital Edition, according to a new report from Kotaku.

Earlier reports suggested that Project Scarlett actually consisted of two Xbox models — the higher end Anaconda and Lockhart. However, when Microsoft announced that Project Scarlett was a single console, many believed that development on Lockart had been cancelled. Sources that have spoken to Kotaku have confirmed that Lockart is still in the works and it will be a digital-only alternative to Scarlett.

Speaking to Kotaku one developer who was briefed on Lockhart compared it to the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of graphics. Lockhart will also feature an SSD much like Project Scarlett for quicker loading times, and has a faster CPU than any current video game console on the market. Microsoft is said to be targeting 4K resolution at 60 FPS on Project Scarlett with a 1440p resolution at 60 FPS on Lockhart. With Lockhart’s lack of disc drive, Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud are likely to be heavily promoted alongside the console — a natural fit for a disc-less machine.

One detail that remains unclear is the price of Lockhart compared to Project Scarlett. It’s probably safe to assume that a digital-only console targeting lower specs would be cheaper than its higher-end counterpart.

Microsoft has refused to comment on the matter saying in an email to Kotaku last night, "We do not comment on rumours or speculation.” The recent news, however, might force Phil Spencer to reveal more about Microsoft’s next-gen plans. There always has been the rumour of two consoles, and Kotaku’s recent report adds further fuel to that flame, however until Microsoft confirms anything this can only be treated as speculation.

Project Scarlett launches Holiday 2020.

As soon as they make the specs different, any lower tiered system becomes a no deal for me. If I’m going to upgrade a console to a new generation, then I don’t compromise for what will likely be a small price difference overall. It just doesn’t make sense in the long term.


I would totally do a disc less system as that is the future and I don’t buy discs anymore. BUT if it doesn’t have the same spec as scarlet, it’s a no go until it does.

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