Microsoft announces final backward-compatible games coming to Xbox One

Games will remain backwards compatible. No more will be added after this.

Too Human will be added soon and it will be free. I loved that game. Norse mythology but the baddies are robots. They did some fake documentaries about finding stuff buried in Scandinavia. Can’t find them. Found the trailer though:

No love for Phantom Crash from the original Xbox. I was hoping to see it added eventually.

I FOUND IT! The Goblin Man of Norway! Viddie this oh my droogies!

Does anyone actually play any of the backward compatible games? They always announce this as big news but I never see anyone on my friends list playing any of these titles and I have about 500 friends.

If you pay them for friendship I don’t think you can count them as friends.

I played a little of the storyline for Crimson Skies, I would punch it out of anyone wanted to play multilayer on it. I am kind of excited about Too Human. Don’t know how long my excitement will last. Damn shame the developers lost the lawsuit against them. We could’ve had a current gen sequel.

Crimson skies was awesome

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I loved Too Human