Mexico City Clan War 3/20/15

The battle rages on, and this fight takes us south of the border to the heart of Mexico City. Bronze through Platinum Division Clans will compete for Centurion gear, while the Diamond Division Clan War adds another piece to the new Valkyrie set. See below for specifics on timing and gear rewards.

Bronze – Platinum Divisions

Bronze through Platinum Division Clans will compete beginning Friday, March 20th at 12PM PT / 8PM CET, and continuing through Monday, March 23rd at 12PM PT / 8PM CET.

Clans that place 1st in either Gold or Platinum will unlock another piece of the Centurion set.

I am available everyday except monday

Oh so 1st Disneyland and now a party huh? No more fun for you! JK we missed you last war Alli

I will be on Friday night and a little bit Saturday morning and night. Not sure about Sunday though.

Out oh town, unable to contribute.

I will be 4 wheelin… YEEEE HAAAWWW!!!

should i open it up to more or less than 15 ppl??? I know battlefield is coming out.

I don’t know how many COD people got BF, I know Tuttle was playing it but he loves clan wars, and Alli is back so we should have just as many as last war playing since we have a bunch of new people. What we need is a rollcall to see who will be showing up, and of course people who respond to it

Yep. Also need to thin out the roster of ppl don’t play with us

maybe tonight ill get in your COD party and we can talk over the list of who to kick.

I might have to work overtime Friday but will be on for clan wars on Saturday night looking to join in the mayhem

I trimmed the roster down to 31. Opted in for 16-18 slots. Few names I didn’t recognize but I figure they’re prolly new ppl I haven’t played with. Anybody else on that list that doesn’t play with us?

I’ll be on Friday night, Saturday Night, and possibly Sunday.

Unfortunately i dont think madcat is coming back, also rustyringer hasnt played in forever either.

Ps i miss madcat…and i got hardline today woop woop

I’ll be on later tonight

Madcat will stay cuz if he ever does sign back on I’m sure hell be playing with us.

So odd for somebody to disappear like that

Now I have a new fancy loadout.

I thought it was set to 16-19? IDK cuz my app was glitching all weekend, and it seemed the other clans had like three full squads running

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I agree that we need to coordinate on the site previous to the war and find out who will commit for the war and set the roster to the closest # of people otherwise we will keep getting stomped by fully active clans

Unfortunately you should be contributing on the site to be in the COD clan. I don’t think it would kill Dirty or Optic to register (if they haven’t already) and confirm if they are playing. they seem to like playing with us. I don’t know who else isn’t on the site. Brett needs to be booted though :smiley:

well thats what i was saying, look at the roster and type who doesnt play with us, just cuz they are in the clan doesnt mean they have to be in the COD clan, as seen, it can screw up wars when they jump in solo for a few matches and leave.