Metal Gear Online

Anyone tried this yet? I released Tuesday, so I was wondering if anyone was playing it/planning on playing it.

Most of the MGS guys are PS4 right? I think we have a couple of XBox guys with it as well.

Going to spend a lot of time with this one?

I’m gauging how many we have. I’m on the PS4 side with this one.

Tuttle, I’ve been out of the loop on this one and focusing on Battlefront this week. I take it the devs have commented on the issues?

I’ll definitely be giving it a whirl on the SexBox once the Battlefront beta ends…

ive hear a lot of peaople sayits fun… other people in comment sections are saying that certain things are OPed… i think they are playing it like a COD game tho.

Played a round last night, and was interesting. Didn’t have a clue what I was doing or the map layout of course, but managed a few kills and an extraction or two.

Definitely a game that’ll do well if we can get a small team together.

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