Me: An Introduction, by me.


Hey y’all! My name’s Kay. I work in the food service industry and am pursuing portrait photography as a career in my free time. Whenever I need a break, I love to unwind with gaming.

I play on PS4 (PSN: NotAgentKay). Currently, I’m playing a lot of Apex Legends and The Division 2. I’m almost always down for Rocket League as well. I have a mic as well.

I’m looking forward to meeting some of you and getting some fun sessions in! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Welcome to GRG!


Welcome to the club man ill get you a fr sent here soon. We got alot playing div 2 atm almost have a full raid team and a few that play apex me being one of them. So im sure there will be some good games.also what times do you hop online?


Welcome to GRG!

I’ll get you added to a couple groups on here and get a friend request out to you shortly. Can get you added to the Div 2 clan tonight. We are looking to Raid tonight as well and throughout the weekend so we’ll be seeing you!

@PS4Players @DivisionPlayers get Kay on your friends list and group up!


Welcome to the community.

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Welcome…i’m on the xbox side but i’m sure we will chat here on discord

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Welcome. Will add you as on PSN.

I enjoy Apex Legends, don’t play it solo though.
Used to play huge amounts of Rocket League but I’m probably horrendous now…

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@agentkay, it says you’re not accepting FRs on PSN right now…



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