Maximizing the potential of your Twitch channel

The title makes me sound like I know what I am talking about. I don’t, but I have spent the past couple of days messing around with the new features Twitch has introduced recently.

Obviously none of us are trying to make it as a streamer but it does make your page look better and will allow the people that visit a way to interact with you.

New to your Twitch page…

  1. Channel Feed(BETA) - Basically a message board for your twitch page.

2. Pulse - Everything you, your friends, and your favorite streamers post on the front page of twitch

3. Events - You can now schedule events Example below…

  1. Collections - You can now make collections to organize your past streams, clips, etc.

5. Communities - Groups you can join and when you stream it is shown on their page. GRG has one…

Just go to your dashboard and type GrimReaperGamers in the community box to have your streams added.

6. Twitch Desktop App - The future of Twitch.

GRG’s server…

You can download the APP or launch it in browser.

7. Clips - You can view your past streams and make highlight clips with ease and post them on your channel feed

PJ and I use this feature a lot…

8. Uploads - With Youtube shooting itself in the foot over and over this is an awesome feature. You can even do custom thumbnails like YT.

This is my page after customizing it over the weekend and enabling the channel feed.

If you have any questions or need help setting up your page send me a PM on the site or catch me on discord.


We should likely all work on auto hosting each other as well I would imagine to help with exposure.

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