Marvel Phase 4 Timeline and Avengers V

A timeline for Phase 4 has been released along with some new info on on Avengers V. They are putting a lot into Disney+ with half the roadmap going there.

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Am I the only one that finds this line meh? And I’m a marvel fan Boi. Thor love n thunder? Really?

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Yeah I agree it seems a bit meh. Oh and love and thunder will have Hemsworth but is going to be based on the female thor story line.

News to add. Doc Strange movie is supposed to be “scary”.

Wonder when they are doing secret wars arc. And I hope Capt marvel wasn’t it. Cause if so, that was weak.

Yeah i am not seeing anything that would bring in Secret wars.

Think they blew their wad on the first 21 movies. None of these even get my excitement level up to go see!


Except Black Widow…I could watch her for 2 hours knitting

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I thought she died.

This is before the snap. Between Civil war and Infinity War

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Probably set before Iron Man 2 would be my guess

They’ve already said it’s between civil and infinity

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Ahh. I haven’t looked into any if them yet.

The Marvel movie franchise has jumped the shark.

It did that a long time ago. You all are just suckers.

I drinking the…

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