Maneater's first DLC adds a free Tiger Shark skin & an evolution to help you level up

Maneater’s first piece of DLC is free to all players, offering a red and black striped Tiger Shark skin and nutritional advantages to help you level up faster.

Maneater’s game director Bill Munk says the Tiger Shark evolution can be found in the evolutions menu in the grotto, and apart from the striped “hot-rod paint job”, lets you “collect more nutrients from predators, prey, and nutrient caches, which will help you level up faster if you’re just starting out.”

“The team at Tripwire and I have been absolutely astounded by the crazy amount of love you all have shown towards our game on Xbox,” Munk says. “We’re incredibly thrilled that so many of you have taken the journey from pup to predator, and I can’t wait to share our future plans for the world of Maneater on Xbox One. I can’t share any details yet, but when I can you’ll be the first to know.”