Manditory introduction, Featuring: Planetside 2!

Hi guys! Just another greenhorn come to die in planetside 2 for ps4! My psn name is the same as here, shoot me an invite with notice you’re in the clan, I’ll add each one I get. I play at night, from 5a.m. to about noon eastern standard time. My goal is eventually be a pilot, but until I get enough of those sweet, sweet certs, I’m ground bound. I play in the NC on Genudine, from what I can tell, that was a great idea. I’ll be on for a while tonight, and many nights to come. See you on the freedom!

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Welcome to the clan! PSN: DAKLOWN4LIFE.

Welcome to the big show!

Welcome aboard.

Welcometo the crew. I’m trying to get flying down but I like driving around in a sundy giving everyone support. so many ways to play.

$15 a month gets you 400% certs. 3months is 30. A lot of us went that route. It’s not much for such a big game.

Welcome! I too am trying flying out and so far it’s very rewarding once you get the hang of it.

PSN: X3roH3ro88

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome! PSN: AlphaMack

I tried so hard to get into it…I can’t :frowning:

whats the probelm