Mafia Trilogy

If you have never played any of the Mafia games, I do suggest trying them out, remakes are coming.
Mafia 2 is one of my all time top 5 games. Sure, not open like GTA games, but the story, setting, music, characters, really make you feel like post-WW2 time.
Mafia 3 has a great story and acting, lets you know what happened to characters from 2 when that game ended, and in general not a bad game… little repetitive, but still a solid game.
Guessing the first Mafia is being remade, or at least I hope it is since this is being titled Trilogy, really want to try that game.

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Couple of pics and what seems to be official original Mafia being remade and part 2 coming next week.

I’ll check this out, sounds cool.