Madden '22

Do we have many Madden players? Last topic I saw was from Madden 20. lol Anyways…I don’t play online but have recently become addicted to MUT. It’s like 3 of the greatest things ever all in 1. Collecting sports cards like when I was an addicted child, also I feel like I get a little bit of Fantasy Football while I’m setting lineups, and gaming!!!

I would be open to playing online if anyone else was as well. However I do have 2 issues. I don’t play online and I know that’s an entire new ballgame, so I’m not very good, and I have sketchy internet. If you’re not looking to play I’d also be interested in barter, though I do not know what all is available or allowed. Feel free to add me, I’ve been on a ton lately. xSHADOWBOXERx

P.S. Thanks for keeping my account active even when I’m not. I’m still hiding here in the background until I get better internet and don’t have that worry about that BS while gaming. I think it’s been 5 years since I moved and experienced the internet downgrade. Went from daily online gaming to zero. You’d think something better would have come along by now. Still waiting for those space satellites to be available in my area. Apparently I’m so far out in the country they can’t find us from F’ing space.