Madden 17

As usual I am a Day 1 owner, also have 16. Hit me up if you want to play some H2H.

@catsweat @anon70660645

@CaptainPeeJ @anon42851937 and myself have started a connected franchise. Would you like in @shortbus?

Yes please!!!

Got shut out by the Seahawks in game one. I’m so F’d.

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Big madden player here on xbone. I use any team available. Also interested in a connected franchise if anyone has one rolling.

Get with @D1G1TALC1PHERS, he usually heads up Madden info.

@TexasReaperCrew you got Cowboys gloves as your avatar … Sure you don’t want a piece ? Hehe

No sense in embarrassing the Cowboys franchise any further. Lol

I will pick the game up once it hits EA Access. Alot more affordable then haha

That’s the only reason I have battlefield 4 haha ea access.

Then make sure you check out BF4 night this Thursday night at 9e. We usually get about 8-10 that join us. Hope you PTFO or @Lala_Calamari won’t let you hear the end of it

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Yeah, well every team needs you sitting a mile away getting you’re 2 kills per game with 0 objective points. And we wonder why we lose sometimes.

  1. I get more than 2 kills
  2. I have no doubt why we lose
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My play style kind of borders on… "Is he mentally challenged " and “maybe he fell asleep” lol jk. I’m all for attacking an objective.

Welcome to GRG! You’ll fit in nicely lol

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@D1G1TALC1PHERS - when are we advancing the week?

Do we have any of the news guys who can join after week 1?

I think JH still needs to play his game. I will send AJ an invite.

Sweet I’ll take a look for it

Sorry…holiday weekend messed with my schedule. Will have it done soon.

LFG Cornholer. :laughing:

@AJ603 invite sent.