Looking to fill GRG Staff Positions

I’m looking to add additional Staff in an effort to help continue GRG’s growth. Every day we get new members looking to game with other like minded adults. I really need some help in getting those new members active and into games. I’m looking for people for XBox, PS4 and PC, we drastically need help in all areas.

What we’re looking for:

  • Member with a proven track record of helping out
  • Someone willing to step up and start Gaming rooms and events on a regular occurance.
  • Someone active on the forums (this is a major requirement)
  • Someone that can help promote the community (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • Be a positive member of the site

Being GRG Staff is a thankless job that doesn’t pay. That doesn’t mean it’s unrewarding. We would be forced to game with the unwashed masses without a site like GRG. At least now we’re able to control who we game with. Please send me a PM on the forums if you are interested.

Finally, this is not a social club. We really expect the new staff member to step up and help run GRG.


I got a few replies for the SexBox side and we’re working things out.

I do need some PC and PS4 guys willing to step up.

@PCGamers @PS4Players


I’d love to help out on the PC side if I could. But I barely have enough time to game myself with all these hours I am working. When we are back up to full staff and my hours decrease if there is still a need I am there for you.