Looking for new router

I’m in the market for a new router. I currently have a Netgear R6250 which has worked great for me.

On my network the kids xboxes are on WiFi, my Xbox and PS4 are on wired connection.

I have multiple devices on the WiFi.

I’d really like to get an WiFi 6 (AX) so it will support upcoming devices.

I just used a trade-in promotion to upgrade to the new Eero pro 6. I was having issues before with certain devices playing nice on the network. That’s all cleared up and I’m pleased with Eero again. Now I just have the same old house/thick wall issues.

I installed a Mesh system to improve the Wi-Fi. DECO by TP LINK. Now the entire house has great Wi-Fi. There are other mesh systems out there. I just happened to catch this one on sale.