Looking for guests for the ReaperCast GRG's Home Grown Podcast (round 2)

The ReaperCast is turning back to it’s roots and showcasing our community. One of the ways to accomplish that is to get some fresh faces on the podcast and get some different views on Gaming and Geek news. Plus it would be nice to do a new member spotlight or two as it’s been awhile. It’s also a good way for the community to know you and for you to get involved.

We record on Discord every other Monday night and start gathering around 8:30 PM EST. The whole process lasts about an hour and a half. We do ask that you have some sort of mic. Plugging in your Gaming Headset to a phone or your PC is perfectly fine.

Post up here or PM me and we will work out a schedule.

PS: Figured I’d start a new thread for the next round of guests.


if any help is needed for guests/co-hosts and I am available that Monday I would be happy to dust off the mic and help out.

To anyone who just reads this post and thinks they want to do it and are nervous about it, everyone is the first time they hop into the reapercast, I sure as fuck was but I then looked at it in a different perspective. Think of it as a party chat with friends just talking about the usual things and it makes it a lot easier on yourself and once you get started it gets immensely easier to chime in to give your input. Everyone should give it a go, I want to hear what people think on games and even talking about stuff I havent heard of yet. If anything you can laugh at @Gunny and his borderlands obsession that’s always fun.


Absolutely no reason to be nervous. just a bunch of potatoes talking about things we like.


totally fun times…some of us are more regular only because we have trouble getting others on, I would much rather completely new ppl every 2 weeks…like a GRG fireteam chat…really no different than if we streamed a game we were playing with a loosely structured discussion agenda


We have @GrumpyInUt scheduled next.
We are looking to book a few more. Message me or post here if interested.

Ooooh man, Grumpers! That should be a good episode.


Bump. We’re still looking for interested people.

Shoot me a message if you were on before and like to have another go around.