Looking for Guests for the 100th Episode of the ReaperCast



Ghost is Available…just contact my assistant Enyo Bellona.


Bump as a reminder. I’m going to do this on our standard Discord server and just use Audio chat (and use a bot to record). The room will be invite only as I don’t want people joining mid-interviews.

I’m going to set up a room both Tuesday (27th) and Thursday (29th) around 9PM EST. Please let me know if you can attend those times.

Volunteers so far
@unobtainaballs (we can sort out times since you live in some bizarro timezone).

Take a look at the questions and come prepared. We are really looking for one good answer to the final 3 in the list.

  • Ask users name and what platform they game on.
  • What brought you to GRG in the first place?
  • What do you look forward to with GRG and gaming with Adults?
  • Tell us a memorable / funny GRG story.
  • Favorite ReaperCast moment.


I am most likely good for Tuesday. Let me know when you have a slot. Later is better for me.


Tuesday is good for me as well


Thursday is better for me. 9pm sounds good.


Just let me know when


I am down for this sorry for not responding earlier.


Guys, I’ll be on around 8ish EST and will take first available. The interviews shouldn’t take long provided everyone’s shit is ready, about 10-15 per person maybe. Just PM me on discord when you’re on.

I’ll also be around Thursday night as well. @beers_and_leafs I can get you then and whoever else wants in.


I might be able to do Thursday.
Got Friday off work.

Or Sun-Thurs next week, since I’m on lates then anyway.


Let me know what works for you. I work from home Friday so we could do it more your time if you want. I’m not sure what time I can do Thursday but it’ll most likely be after 9PM EST. Kiddo has a make up soccer game that night (going to be so fucking cold).


@shortbus @EnyoBellona

Bump as a reminder. I’ll be on around 9ish EST. These are quick.

Anyone else want to step up and join in the fun? Just need 10 minutes of your time.


I would be down if you still need some but it would be this weekend before i could get to a decent mic, pretty sure the stealth 600s dont sync to phones over bluetooth


I can do tonight or tomorrow.
Friday at a push.

Otherwise Thurs 13 or Thurs 20 Dec - though I don’t know if those are too far away.


Let me know if you can. I don’t think they will sync up to a phone, only their dongle. Do you have a PC that they can connect to?


What time tomorrow? Also, on Fridays I work from home and can do any time during the day if that matches up better for you . Let me know.


Between 7-10PM Eastern tomorrow?

Regarding Fridays, usually that would work well but this week I’m working shift, so I’m working 9AM-6PM Eastern.


Lala, I should be WFH Friday, so I can do early in the day if you want.


No, but my sister does a podcast so i can use her equipment, it might even help me sound semi intelligent… I believe in miracles


Considering we are near episode 100 you should…


I think I’ll give it a shot if there’s room, haven’t been in grg long but I’m game to give for content