Looking For Guest for the ReaperCast

I’m looking for a guest for the ReaperCast this upcoming show (or future shows). New or returning members, either is fine. The ReaperCast is a community podcast and I would really like to showcase our community. Sure we Count to Potato and our Favorite color is 3 but we’re special. Mama told us so.

We record every other Monday and start gathering at 8:30 PM EST. Expect to spend 2 hours (pre and post show). We use Discord so anyone can join in (phone and gaming headset works fine. No earbud mics please).


I’d be happy to be a fill in whenever. Just give me a couple days notice.

I even got myself a web cam for Christmas if that becomes a thing again.

@GrumpyInUt, I don’t think I ever got back to you. All messed up with the holidays or just being old I guess.

Yes. Let’s work something out. I’ll PM.

I would definitely be down to be on if you’ll have me. Just let me know what headset I am supposed to plug since that seems like a theme lately…


I’ll PM you with sorting out a schedule. I think I may have the next 2 podcasts scheduled (maybe??).

So it would possibly be 1/27th (this may be iffy) or 2/10. Or whatever. We follow a biweekly schedule.

As far as mic. Anything you can get plugged and working on Discord. Most people use their gaming headsets. And you can use whatever for discord (phone, tablet or PC).

Bumping this as we are always looking for new guests / victims. Who wants to spend an evening on the ReaperCast?

We just had @ExtraAmo on last week and we’ll have him back again. He survived.

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I’ve been on a few times and am not too traumatized.


Especially seeking out a Division player that has the new Expansion, Warlords of New York.

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Bump, we record tonight @8:30 PM EST. Looking for Division Warlords of New York Players or Call of Duty players to discuss tomorrow’s Warzone release.

@DivisionPlayers @codplayers

Once again, just want to bump this thread. Anyone wanting to be on and join in on the podcast just let me know. We’ll schedule something.