Looking for a good DZ squad

I have been really slacking on the Dark Zone, and would like to hook up with a few people that don’t mind getting lit up every once in a while (as I will probably handicap you). I’ve noticed that people have a few friends that they primarily run DZ with, and I’d like to tag along/start a new squad. EST, and usually on after 6-6:30 during the week. If you have me in your FL, hit me up. If not, add me GT: manosteel292

I’m the best in the DZ. I shoot everything.

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Thanks @anon36214017! But, um, you shoot things in the DZ @Lala_Calamari !!! I thought it was a place filled with rainbows and apple pies, with leprechauns giving you pots of Phoenix credits!!! Disregard this whole thread, I’m scared of bullets…

I don’t have game but count me in.


Translation: He will TK you and take your shit if possible.

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I will make sure to send you in-game invite then!

You’re missing out.

If you see me on…hit me up!

I will make sure to! Lot of fun last night!

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You may want to find a group to farm the lower DZ levels first. I role with a few and any pickups we get who are not geared with at least purple generally do not keep up with my pace. Once your there though, will have plenty of people to run it with.

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I’m completely geared with purps and a few yellows. So, I can make it ok solo, just would prefer to group up so as not to get too overwhelmed…

Just hit 30 last night and carrying mostly purples, have not step foot in dark zone yet.

Sent you a FR. we can be like Lewis and Clark (god I’m a nerd)…

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We two manned DZ3 and DZ4 last night with two of us. It is mostly doable if you use cover and caution. Our goal was names bosses, division tech and XP. May be a good starting point for your group at your gear level.

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I’m a level 30 with all purples.

I usually don’t get on until 9:00 - 9:30 central time though. Wednesdays 8:00 central.

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i am a brand new fresh 30. but looking forward to roaming in the DZ.

Just hit 30 also. DZ is next I guess.

You know I’ll follow you anywhere Sniper! (cue bodyguard theme song)…

I will need it!

Just hit 30 myself. I’ve gone into the DZ twice so I’m a newb in there. If you see me on throw me an invite.