Look forward to gaming with you all!

Hello everyone!

Names Native and look forward to gaming with you all, looking at the active games you all play I’ll be mostly active on Valheim. I also play alot of VR incase anyone has any questions on that sort of thing.

Feel free to add me on Xbox: Nativeknight999
or steam: SirNativeknight


Welcome to the community.

We have a server for Valhiem. Ping @SoulessGrimm for teh details if you feel like joining our server.

Welcome to GRG its good to have you, what all VR games do you play?


alot of everything, the big ones are Pavlov, Pokerstars VR, Phasmophobia, Box VR, Thrill of the Fight, Half Life Alex, and a few game in between.

lost 10 pounds doing it so thats pretty nice lol


lol wish i could lose some weight with it but i have phasmo, and halflife alex as well. a buddy wants me to get pavlov too but i play onward and enjoy it