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I need to get my dogs that pin. Those fuckers like to lie right next to me and drop. They’re all assholes. I know they’re laughing.


You can just call me Hooker the Shitfaced Dumpster Slut.


My wife Cocksmack the Lubed up Pecker Wrecker was just reading this on her phone to me, Cocksmack the Pissed Off Man Slammer.


Wow, I’m Honky, the lubed up, Man Slammer.



Mine is Muffdust the Naughty Dime Piece. However, my wife would be Muffdust the Pissed Off Pecker Wrecker.


Bimbo the pissed off dumpster slut. I think they hit it 100%.





BTW…at the 2:25 mark is a joke made for GRG.


Whatever this thing is, it looks happy.


IF anyone has issues with people stealing packages from your doorstep you should get a kick out of this.
People can be assholes.
Long video but so worth watching.


Love the packing slip. Great addition.


I’m shocked that it happens that much. And there’s not much of a profile to be made from all the different people that stole packages. Well… other than they’re all d-bags.


What gets me is most of them seemed mad at the package owner for doing something to them.




I’m making one for the GRG LAN that dispenses roofies. It’ll be the hit of the party!