LFG - XB1/PC Gamers - Sea of Thieves or State of Decay 2

Sup sup Reapers…

Looking for 3 others that possibly interested in doing some casual gaming in either Sea of Thieves or State of Decay 2.

Both games are cross platform with PC and XB1, as well are upto 4 player co-ops.

Please respond for weekend interest. (03APR20-05APR20)

XB1: GhstWlkrs
Steam: GhstWlkrs

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Wanted to add…

There are 2 SoT events going on right now.


I might be available to join you depending on how busy I am

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Me and Krakos pillaged and plundered.

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If you see me on, hit me up for either. Xbox gt: YggBjorn