LFG - Outriders - 4/4

Hey GRG, let’s get some Outrider groups going tonight. WHo is going to be on tonight and who wants to team up? I’m looking for a group, I’m not too far into the game.

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Depending on time I’d be down to group up. I haven’t started back in since the demo so I’m not too far in. Have a character of each class ready to go.

I have a few hours in…plan to be in by 930 tonight

If servers are working I should be on. I haven’t been able to play yet :frowning:

I should be able to play this afternoon if servers are nice

Destroyer and I will be on. I Just started.

I’m on now if anyone wants to play

I’m down to play


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Sorry I didn’t see this last night plus I was having issues and got off

We all were. They need to really patch the server issues.

I keep having to restart the game

There were some issues. I kept getting yellow and red network alerts in game, plus lag.