[LFG] Halo 11/9

I will probably be on Halo tonight around 9pm est if anyone wants to play. Did not want to make an event as I am sort of a maybe. I know how depressed you people get when I am not around. Especially @TexasReaperCrew, hes sensitive.

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I don’t want your life!

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@TexasReaperCrew, that’s the same face you made last night when The Walking Iggles ended the Cowboys season.

Not true. This was it

Ok I lied. It was this

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You sure it wasn’t this?

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Fuckin Cowboy Haters can suck it .

Dammit people stop hijacking my thread.

Active forums are a good thing!

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Totally love this thread. Being a new englander and a mandatory pats fan I can’t remember the last time we had a brutal season. Actually I do recall a time where a quarterback named Bledsoe running amock around here. Lots of tears shed in those days. You cowboys fans should relate to that right? Ha ha ha

Wait. How old are you again?

Lmao ooooold. I’m 40. My youth as a pats fan was rough. As a youngster I recall seeing my dad cry to the heavens asking why the pats suck so bad. A 6-11 season was a good year.

Cry me a river.

A football-free Lions fan