LFG - Friday 11/17

Weekend Time!! Let GRG know your gaming plans for the evening.

Remember on Saturday night we have Forza racing: 11/18 Forza Race Night Information and some Warframe action scheduled: [Warframe] Eidolon Hunting and exploring - 11/18

I won’t be on till late and probably won’t get but a hour or 2 of gaming in. Not sure what game that will be but will check out FL when I jump on.

I probably am starting the CoD campaign today and will see if it is something I want to continue through. I very likely will switch to some Battlefront 2 tonight though now that the game has fully launched I am hoping things run smoothly.

And I just remembered I have a campus event that I am attending until 9 tonight so there goes that full plan.

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I’ll be on Wildlands for the most part. Trying to reach Prestige 2

I should be on tonight. Finally got my xbox hooked back up. Going to get on Destiny and see if anyone wants to group up for the 2xp. I have a Titan that i need to finish ranking up as well as all the weekly milestone stuff on my warlock.

For those of you interested in sexy time with Grex: Double XP Destiny

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This weekend will most likely be all about Destiny 2 for me. However, if anyone else would like to jump on another game, don’t hesitate to hit me up if you see me on. If I am playing COD, the beautiful @Xxbrimarieloaded will probably be joining me.

Here’s the list of games I would be willing to jump into this weekend:
Destiny 2
CoD Infinite Warfare
World of Tanks
Fortnite (Though I don’t have much exp. with this)

@codplayers @DestinyPlayers @PlayStationPlayers


I’m down for fortnite pve if you have it man.

Nvm man just saw your PS4 tag. My bad…


Those looking to play COD there is another update.

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Looks like the brought back dedicated servers. Hopefully lag is less of a thing now because it’s bad.

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Ill be on Cod around 1030 after the hockey game

This never surprises me anymore…

I’m down to play COD or SWBF2. Be on by 7:30 ET. I’ll look for peeps when I get on. TGIF! Let’s get shitty!

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I’ll be doing CoD WW2 tonight and destiny tomorrow evening, just to give myself a break

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I will be on Destiny at least part of the night doing Milestones as well. May switch to Cod later.

Good times in Battlefront tonight with @D1G1TALC1PHERS and @CaptainPeeJ

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Tons of fun. Some good laughs in there as well.

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