LFG Destiny 2 9/9

I’ll be running an open party on the XBox looking to cause some mischief in Destiny 2. I’ve finished the campaign so I’m looking to do Patrols (or adventures), Public events, Strikes or Crucible. Just hop in my party. I’ll be starting it around 9 PM EST.

Since Destiny’s Fireteams are so small I was wondering if anyone else would be up to run extra fireteams. I know we’ll have interest since we have a fuckton playing D2 right now. Please respond here if you could also help organize a team.


Not 100% sure what time I will be on but when I get on I would be willing to head up a fire team.

I’ll be getting on later tonight. Gamer tag Luxury Edition. I could also use a guild invite in game

@Ravalis - sent you one.

Thanks man

XB1 players- have Level 8 Hunter playing through story missions and Level 20 Titan. Shoot me an invite or Jump on in.

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@OmniscientShark and I are trying to put a nightfall together if anyone has done it yet, could use the help. 256 nightstalker