LFG 8/14 What's going on?


Stuck in a gaming rut at the moment. Want D2 out right meow…

Anyway, I’m trying to figure out WTF I want to play tonight. I’m open to Warframe, Paladins, maybe some BF1 or Overwatch (if you want to listen to me whine) or I’ll go antisocial and quest in ESO.

Who’s going to be on tonight and what game are you playing?

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I’ll be in Warframe around 9 Best Time Zone (MST).

Contrary to what @Lala_Calamari says, I do help and don’t die when my wife leaves me alone in the middle of a match.

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I’m home alone for the week so i intent on making the best out of it. Been in that rut as well. Just got GTA V and The Escapists 2 (pre-order, comes out next week) and hopefully i can get some good playing time tonight.

The rut is deep. I only gamed a few hours in the past 5 days versus my normal 5+ hours a day. I guess that is how the rest of my year is going to be since nothing is coming out that I want.

As for tonight I may try to play DNL, NMS, or Warframe since I downloaded it over the weekend on Xbox.

I plan on playing Halo for a bit. Invite if you get something going though.

I will be on Paladins.


My kids football season starts tonight so I will only be on Fridays for a while.

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Bout to jump on Albion Online to continue market domination. As far as this evening nothing special planned. Could be interest in Warframe, Halo, or even Overwatch.

@Sniper_T1 you campaigning it or MP?

No idea. Overwatch probably. Pretty bored and unmotivated

Get Albion

I had it, they banned me. Those bastards.