Let’s Over-Analyze Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep Moon Map

Destiny 2


I am quite literally drowning in Destiny news the past two weeks, and yesterday we had not one, but three sets of reveals of stuff at Gamescom, including something rather significant. Our first look at the map of the returning Moon zone in Shadowkeep, even if it was only shown onscreen for a second.

I thought it might be worthwhile to take a closer look at what was shown, even if it’s not the whole thing, as I believe there’s more still offscreen we can’t see. But we can learn some stuff about a bunch of things based on what we’re seeing here.

I have numbered certain things I want to highlight on the map below. Apologies it’s not bigger or in better quality, but it’s all we got for now. So, what do we have here?

Destiny 2


  1. This icon is almost certainly the raid, given its size, and the fact that it has guided games attached to it. Also of note is that we’re launching it from the Moon, not Mars, which is how we originally got to the Black Garden in D1. Also, considering the Artifact of this season is the “Eye of a Gate Lord,” my guess is that there’s a black Garden gate (with a lord) somewhere on the moon we’ll encounter in the story.

  2. I am mildly concerned there is only one strike shown on the map here, though it’s possible that there could be another one hiding near the bottom, but also that we might have strikes on other planets, ie. Omnigul returning on Earth. My guess is that this strike is Phogoth’s Summoning Pits returning, but a leak says that there’s going to be an Oversoul Throne strike with Crota. But I think it’s possible Crota could be a Nightmare Hunt instead. I thought we’d see three strikes in this expansion, but there may be fewer. One would be too few, if you ask me.

  3. These are the Nightmare Hunts, a new activity that again, was only glimpsed in screenshots on stream yesterday. There are different difficulties that add modifiers to them, and I am guessing that these are the activities that will have us hunting down old bosses like Skolas and Ghaul, and possibly Crota and Omnigul, if those aren’t in strikes. This may also be the “temporary” activity that goes away at the end of the season if this is how things work now.

  4. As you can see, there are only two landing spots on this map. Tangled Shore has 3, Io has 3, Titan has 2, Dreaming City has 1. So if we’re guessing the Moon’s overall size, it’s probably somewhere in that range.

  5. Sorrow’s Harbor is one of two fully new named zones expanding the Moon. On this map, there doesn’t seem to be a ton there, but near the top, there appear to be some sort of structures. I don’t think this is where the Shadowkeep is built, I think that’s still the Hellmouth, but I’m not sure.

Destiny 2


  1. Sanctuary is the other new zone, and a bigger mystery considering this view of the map is cutting it off completely. We have no idea how big it is, and it could add a sizable chunk of the map, or even be hiding a new landing zone or strike for all we know.

  2. This is the crashed Fallen ship that Bungie has talked about previously, planting itself on top of the Temple of Crota, presumably reshaping that entire area. I’m wondering if Nightmare Crota is running around in there, wrecking Fallen, mad about his house getting smashed. If this is a Fallen ship with survivors on it, that means we’ll see Hive and Fallen on the moon, and also possibly Vex, if they’re invading all the systems as predicted.

  3. Now we’re getting into mystery territory. I have no idea what this is. This Vex symbol is also the symbol of Season of the Undying, which is actually showing up on some gear like Monte Carlo, which is different than the Shadowkeep “cross” symbol. It’s clearly some sort of activity, and not a Nightmare Hunt or Strike, but I don’t know what to make of it.

  4. This icon could be tied into these other, faded Vex symbols on the map. There are three of these visible on this map, one by the Hellmouth, one by Archer’s Line, one by the crashed ship, shown just off the edge of the map. I think these are tied together, but I genuinely don’t know what’s going on here. Perhaps it’s tied to the Black Garden (Gate Lord locations?), and this is one of the biggest map mysteries to me so far.

  5. I think it’s important to note that we are clearly a path going offscreen at the top of Sorrow’s Harbor here, implying there is even more to this map up north than we’re seeing here. Probably not another full patrol zone, but something…

That’s all I’ve got so far, but that’s kind of a lot for a one-off look at the map. I think it’s going to be pretty hefty, though no, not as big as Tangled Shore + Dreaming City last year, which I don’t think anyone should be expecting.

Can’t wait for more.