Last wish XBOX raid Saturday 2/15 9pm

Let’s switch it up this saturday, instead of the garden let’s try running last wish. Were gonna be starting around 9pm est.

If its your first time in the last wish raid feel free to look up some guides or watch a YouTube video. I can try and teach it to people but bear with me it’s been a while since I’ve ran this raid as well.

Let’s get you your 1 thousand voices!!


Count me in

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I’m in.

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Sign me up, i will get the ole’ prospector leveled up

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I won’t be on till late, going out with the wife. So if you need help with the final encounter I can step in. (Before the heart walk) I still need 1k voices

I’m in

I am a maybe this week.

Im in

I’m now an alt…short version of long story… my plans were changed for me and I’m unwilling to fight it… I’ll be on just not sure by 9

Saturdays team
• banjo
• mage
• rebirth
• sigmike
• sour
• sniper (alt)
•valiant (alt)