Laptop not working correctly

Alright anyone that can help itll be much a appreciated but something isnt right with my laptop. i was playing last night and everything was working fine it got to its usual temp about 90 degrees cel. and fan was doing its job and today i went to play and i went from running a game at 45 fps to 15 fps and the computer is not heating up like it usually does like its not utilizing its full power. i dont know much of anything about cpu and gpu so im not sure what could be going on. Any help would be aprreciated

What laptop do you have? I’m guessing it’s a gaming laptop with a dedicated gpu? If you have one, it kind of sounds like it’s not using It but the integrated one instead. You could try enabling it from the settings manually instead of letting the application enable it.

Also is that temp for the cpu or gpu? For cpu it sounds high so there might be some throttling issues but that shouldn’t happen before the temp ramps up high.

That’s GPU temp and I’ll have to look into how to do that. It’s an omen 15 laptop

Edit: I lied that’s CPU temp but it’s never been an issue and I’ve never gotten an over heating message

just launched a game and now its working properly again so i have no idea why it was acting up

Ah okay, I think it was some issue with nvidia drivers not switching the gpu on. You can check the settings from the nvidia control panel and switch the nvidia gpu to be always on the force its use. Although that will heat things up and destroy battery life so you shouldn’t keep it on constantly.

And yeah temp and throttling is an unfortunate trade off in laptops, just no way too cool really efficiently that kind of hardware in that form factor. But it’s good that it’s working fine now.

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Ya thanks for the help though I’ll keep that in mind if it happens again