Kotaku Controversial Article

As referenced by @D1G1TALC1PHERS in Discord.

This is the Kotaku Article about when Sex meets Video Games.

How is this controversial?

Seems like a rediculous time waster article. The author had to fill a slot, so she wrote about some niche video game sex. People like to get blown while driving, so why is a blowy while playing donkey punch, I mean kong any different?

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I think this points out a common communication failure in our language. We assumed she meant her SO’s dick…she meant “I’m not getting attention cuz he be playing the damn video games so I’m getting dick elsewhere.”

Its good real-life social satire.

I think it’s the NSFW title and image they tweeted out that makes it “controversial.” I don’t think people expected an article titled like this to come from Kotaku. Obviously if people would stay off twitter on their work computers this wouldn’t really be an issue. The article itself is click bait at it’s best. I think most people are just shocked that this shit article made it past the editors.

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Momma flashes titties all the time for community nights!


And that sums it up. The title is the only controversial thing here, and the fact that lots of people have Kotaku on feeds they see at work, and this headline raised eyebrows, as did the graphic. The story itself, about a tweet… dear jesus. it wasn’t even about someone who was actually playing 2K… i mean… Digit is right… how the hell did this shit show of an article ever make it past any editor… answer… editors at Kotaku are a lie…