K-Cup Coffee

I used to take a thermos of coffee to work each day. I worked great and I was happy. The wife sensed that I was happy and content so she did what all women do. Fuck that shit up. Her ingenious idea was to get me a K-Cup brewer for work. So now I’m using that and it’s ok at best. I’m just not in love with any k-cup coffee, I haven’t found one that tastes right (most taste “plasticy”).

So, any recommendations on K-Cups to try? Or should I just skip those and use my own coffee beans? Is it a pain in the ass to clean that filter?

So far, Pete’s seems to be one of the best. Most of the K-cups are just garbage, and using your own beans really doesn’t do the coffee justice.

That’s what I thought. This brewer may “break” soon. I’ll check out the Pete’s.

Rather use a Press- So much better

My biggest issue with K-cups is I like a big cup of coffee, but using the 10oz option waters it down to much so I end up using more than one K-Cup per cup of coffee. Must of them taste like shit too.

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We just bought a Kuerig Vue, and got the cup that allows you to use your own beans. So far so good, but I’ve found that if you don’t grind the beans to fine, it doesn’t bring out much flavor. Also, I have to set our brew setting to strong to get the most flavor when I’m using my 16 oz cup.

I recently switched Rogers Coffee Company

I like them because the coffee is excellent, and the k cups are completely biodegradable, and you can get them really cheap on amazon. My personal fav is the San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser


It’s like .36 a k cup. They are great! Also, I like them because the new Keurig 2.0 basically said to all the other coffee manufacturers to either conform or get left behind. The Keurig 2.0 has some sort of special seal that will only work in the 2.0 brewer. Rogers coffee sells a clip you can install that will make the k cups work in the 2.0 or you can get a different brand other than keurig which I have done.

We have the 2.0 at the office. I’ll have to point that brand out to mom.

My recommendations:

  1. Trader Joes Brand - Actually quite good
  2. Jet Fuel - for those mornings you want to just sleep all day

For K-Cups I really like this one…

Otherwise I just buy beans and press them.

I will say that using your own ground coffee in one of those reusable kcups.is really really good and the cheapest.

I don’t drink coffee, but my wife does and she uses her Keurig 4 times a day and lives it.

As for types, if you can get Tim Horton’s k cups down there try them.

I think I’ve seen Tim Horton’s, if not I’m sure I can order some.

I do a cold brew using a Japanese system. Coffe is so tasty and doesn’t have that bitterness you normally find in pot brewed coffee.

@LalaCalamari Did you try the coffee pods instead of the kups? Maybe those will be less plastic tasting to you.

I commonly get these ones off Amazon.


These if you like a stronger taste.

I’ve seen those around, I’ll have to pick up a small box. I’m not sure I want to commit to 80 of them just yet.

I also really like the dunkin donuts k-cups

The pod style cups are becoming more and more popular so you should be able to find some locally.

rogers coffee co sells the freedom clip


specifically for this purpose.

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The fact that we have to buy shit like this to brew coffee amazes me.

This damn thing isn’t worth all the trouble it gives me. It may “break” soon and I’ll return to the thermos.