Just saying Hello!

Hello everyone! Just looking for people to team up with on The Division, but I’m up for playing other games. I’ll be playing The Division Beta on Xbox, but have PSN as well.
PSN - Penguin_On_Meth
Xbox - PillPopnPenguin

EST timezone, Boston area.


Welcome aboard.

Welcome to GRG! FR sent.

What other games are you playing these days?

Siege, Battlefront, Black Ops 3. Would be up for some GTA 5 if anyone ever gets on that!


We just had two straight nights of GTA!

I’m also working on a GTA event for next Tuesday.


RI here! Welcome to the community! PSN: DaKlown4Life

Hey man, glad to have you. See you in game soon.

TexasReaperCrew on XB1

Welcome aboard. You still have your teeth?

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Welcome! GT and PSN : DuvalFunk

Welcome to the party.

Which games do you pay in ps4?

Psn: Audible__Silence

Psn is the screen name :smiley:


Looking forward to The Divison, if warily…

AmuseKus on PS4 and XBox.

Play Destiny on both systems. Been playing BloodBorne lately as its been a game I been wanting to play as waiting for Division to come out, I’ll be playing it on XBox One.

Hey! New too, so I send FR. I’ll be on after many hours of wanting to blow my brains out at work (so about 7-8 EST)!

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Welcome to the community

Welcome to the shit show! Like your gt’s

Psn: cridkid
Xbone: cridlander
Steam: cridlander

Welcome to the Jungle
XB1 xxReaperMANxx10
PSN xReaperMan10x