Just joined today.


Hello, everyone!

I’ve been thinking about joining a clan for a while now and today I just decided to go ahead and do it. I spent a few hours researching clans online and I couldn’t quite find anything that really seemed to fit what I was looking for.

After a while I stumbled across the GRG site and a specific line caught my eye.

We love to win, but we love to drink and rip on each other more.

I had a sort of eureka moment and immediately applied. And here I am.

I play a pretty wide variety of games. Sandbox games are probably my favorite.
Anyway, hello to anyone that reads this! Thanks for having me.


Welcome to the community. What are you playing right now?


I’m currently playing some combination of Subnautica, Apex Legends, and the Auto Chess mod on Dota 2.
I’m going to try to get into Star Citizen as well, since I’ve owned the game for a couple years now and have like 20 minutes of play time in it.


Welcome to the community its good to have you


Welcome to GRG!


Welcome to GRG!



You play more on PC or Xbox?
We have both here, just interested to figure out what you play on each platform really.

Just started playing Apex Legends myself and a few times I’ve stared at Subnautica in my Twitch library and thought about clicking launch…


Couldn’t find you by the Xbox gamertag in your profile?


@unobtainaballs Currently I’m PC exclusive. I played Xbox mostly until last year when I gave it away to a younger family member. If you like survival games at all then I definitely recommend Subnautica, I got it when they were giving it away for free on the Epic Games store a month or so ago and it’s been pretty great. It’s incredibly atmospheric and has an impressive modding community that even made their own multiplayer mod for it. Did you remember to remove the ‘e’ in forgiv? People often make that mistake when they look up my gamertag. It’s forgiv01


Ah I just somehow managed to pick up a whitespace in front of the tag and didn’t notice when I copy&paste it.
Found and added you now (Olz 2).


You and me both.


Welcome aboard.


Welcome! Added you to my Xbox FL. I do have Subnautica on pc, played more of it on Xbox though. I also like sandbox games.


Playing the PC version is great with the mods. Little improvements like having an actual map and or being able to expand the size of the tiny hotbar really make the game feel whole.


Welcome…added you on Steam


HOURS of research and this place is the best you could find?


Damn Straight




Welcome to GRG!


Yay another PC player! Welcome man :smiley: