Just askin


Hi guy just on the off chance dose someone who has done the Thorne quest have a code they are not going to use.
I want to but one but not going so well getting it lol, so if any one has a code they will not use plz pm me.



I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking:

Are you wanting the Thorn hand cannon but you don’t want to do the quest?

Xbox, Ps4 or PC?

I wasn’t aware they had a code you could use for something like that.

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I am down to last bit of the quest and my light lvl is to low.
Trying to lvl it up but not getting much drops over 650 lol😂.
I did the line for one of them and because of the way the store put the date I missed it buy 3 days (Uk d/m/y US m/d/y).