Just An Idea I Had

I was trying to come up with a unique way to propose to my girlfriend and I came up woth the idea of a forge map that sort of takes her on a journey through our previous dates. Just wanted to see what y’all though of that. Is it a stupid idea? A cool idea? Idk…

lol. nice and creative. One question, is she a gamer? Halo fan? If not you may want to stay away. My wife is a little bit of a gamer, but probably would have been mad if I didn’t do something more “romantic” and special.


She has become a gamer over the time that we have dated and she enjoys the story of Halo, just not so much the online multiplayer cause she just rage quits after so many deaths lol

First off…


Seriously though, DON’T!

But if you must and she is a gamer herself I think it’s a awesome idea. It’s the kind of idea we will read about in Gameinformer and IGN after you do it.


You want to be absolutely sure it is something she would really like. You don’t want to be one of those proposal fail videos. Plan for a more traditional proposal unless you are absolutely certain she would love. She will be answering the question “How did he propose?” for a long time to a lot of people.


I’m almost positive she would love it. She understands that, alot of the times, I express myself through my creative side that comes along with being autistic

Well it is a cool idea and certainly unique.


It’ll take me a while to make the map (I’m still getting used to forge again) and especially with all the new elements in Halo 5. Plus I’m a perfectionist and want it to be as amazing as possible lol

You got a pc that can run forge. It may be easier to do some of that map editing on the pc. I don’t know that for sure, never messed with it. Some thinks are just easier with a mouse and keyboard.
We have 2 pc ark servers that some of us have been playing on.

The only computer I have is my laptop I bought for college and I doubt that it can run Forge

I’ve been married 22 years and proposed in the kitchen. A catastrophic bonehead move that she will never let me live down. (I did propose with a really big, expensive ring though, took some of the edge off) I think she will at least appreciate the effort you put into it.


I’d say put the ring in an exotic engram… but it’ll probably drop into a green @Sniper_T1.

If she’s into games and particularly halo it sounds like a good idea. I know my fiancé doesn’t hate games… but she wouldn’t be into it. I had to do the whole take her back to the place we first met thing…

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Actually the whole enegram thing isn’t a bad idea. I know I’ve seen foam replica enegrams that I’m sure I could cut open and turn into like a way to give her the ring

I’m planning on doing it sometime around the new year and like I said it’s gonna take me a while to make. Luckly we live seperate and just spend the weekends together so I can work on it while we are away at college during the week