Jumping back in on XBOX

No, I was logged on because @h2daddy needed to add a few people to the clan. I then just ran around and killed a few things for shits and giggles. I’m not sure what new content is out or how to even access it.

I haven’t done the Pentagon Missions yet so I decided to give them a run through. Holy Fuck that quadacopter mission. FUCK THAT. What a royal pain in the ass. I’m not sure what my issue was but it took me about 10 tries to get past it. Most of the times I’d be right at the very end, thing almost killed and I would fuck up and die.

I had more trouble with The Darpa Labs end boss than I did the quadcopter. Though me and Tam learned that trying to do a 2 man on Pentagon while on the highest difficulty setting…was not one of our brighter ideas.

As for new content, if you mean like episode 3 stuff, I believe you just have to take the helicopter to Coney Island, same with Camp White Oak and Manning Zoo.

Though the game refuses to drop me an exotic weapons .

I finally got to a point where I can do the Invaded Capital and Tidal Basin. @LudwigVonTokkenTakke would be great to group up this weekend and get them knocked out.

I just unlocked Kenly College but I assume the Coney Island, the Zoo and Pentagon unlock after Tidal Basin?

Yup, since I believe beating tidal basin will unlock WT5 which will unlock everything. However, it won’t unlock the fact that RNG hates me in this game.

Oh yeah, I made a joke the other night about getting sawyer’s kneepads, end up getting them in the food court area of Jefferson Trade Center mission.

Hell yeah, maybe we can even rope Tam into helping us.

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I got some help last night from Hambone(?) For the Capitol Hill stronghold so I’m down to just Tidal Basin.